UPDATE: Time Sure Passes When You Got Bad Brains™

It’s been a whole damn year folks. I’ve barely read in that last year and also didn’t manage to do some big things I was meant to do which sucks but. It’s whatever it’s the past so moving on is the priority. Which is the hard part as said Bad Brains™ aka depression/anxiety fun times, had/have gotten the better of me.

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Anyway. Like I said, I’ve barely done any reading in the last year since I posted here but I have started reading again which is a nice thing. I haven’t bothered to put them in a monthly roundup, but I will probably do that next month since it’s my birthday month and it feels nice to restart then. Also my reading is still sporadic and I am still all over the place l o l…

SO TILL THEN!!!!!!!!! SMELL YA L8R!!!!!!!!111111111111

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Sickly Kid Buys+Rents Too Much [Book Haul]

The last month or so has not been good for me health wise. I was hospitalized for a night after a small procedure to get rid of a not so fun build up thanks to my Crohn’s. WHICH by the way, is confirmed to be the bowel disease that I have, and not Ulcerative Colitis as was previously thought. My mental health has also taken a fun dip in the negative pool, but luckily things are on the mend now. I’ve even started a new medication for my Crohn’s which should kick in soon…?!?

That’s why I decided to 🙋‍♀️TREAT MY SELF💁‍♀️ and buy some books (as well as check some more out from the library). Also because my new Crohn’s medicine is given by IV infusion that will take at least half an hour + observation time afterwards, it makes sense to go nuts with new reading material… Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

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Better Shorts Than ‘Cat Person’ [Literary Lists]

If you were away from the internet recently, let me fill you in. Everyone lost their minds over a semi decent short story in the New Yorker about a 20 something college girl having a questionable but short lived relationship.

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Long story short, people got upset, people had opinions, and honestly, there are SO MANY better short stories out there that you can read instead of this one. Here are my recommendations of short story anthologies that you can read instead of bothering with that one. 👍👍👍

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp [Literary Lists]

I would say SEND HELP! I’M OBSESSED!! But I don’t want help. I enjoy fetching bugs and fruits and fish for these anthropomorphic ‘friends’ that hang around various camp sites, who won’t visit me after we become friends unless I buy specific furniture for them…

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Anyway, I decided it might be fun to make a book list of some of my favourite anthropomorphic tales in honour of this bizarre and addictive game.

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