Pixar Movies [Book Tag]

So I found this a while ago, and I thought it’d be fun to fill out!

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Closely followed by the first Toy Story. I just loved the world building involved in Monsters Inc and the characters and man, I just can’t really put it into words. I just adored it so much as a kid. I remember playing all the games they released and trying to find out as much as possible about their world. 💓

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Ok so when I was little my mum made it a point that the first “big book” that we would read would be this Roald Dahl classic. That weird factory with the creepy ass inventor and all his strange and marvelous inventions have always stayed with me. But how could it not???? You’re lying if you’ve never thought about going to the factory or the glass elevator as an “Adult”.

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I had a hard time with this one. I read a lot of SciFi and Fantasy books and I guess a lot of them are quite similar, but I think that’s mostly because at the core of it, SFF stories have similar themes. That being said, I chose this book because even though it was a fun read, it was really similar, like really really similar to a lot of other Girl Finds She Is Special And Can Tame Creature type stories. It’s not a bad thing though!!!! 😁

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Detective Inspector Chen: Snake Agent – Seneschal Zhu Irzh

Is Zhu Irzh even a villain? I don’t know. He’s not exactly a good guy either. He’s just a minion of hell, what can you do. But he is SUCH an asshole and I adore him. I just can’t hate this absolute walnut. He’s just so irritating AND YET…

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A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Baudelaire Orphans

I feel like this answer is fairly obvious if you caught on the illustrations I’ve used as my headers and logo and even the title of my blog. This trio has managed to stay together no matter what they had thrown at them and never betrayed or abandoned each other. The only family that probably comes close is the Weasley family.

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The Amulet of Samarkand – Bartimaeus

Bart ol’ boy here is a Djinn. Which means he has a LOT of powers. I just think it would be so wicked to experience his high level Djinn powers and be able to exist and not exist at the same time and be able to just kind of hover there and watch time pass by. Also to you know fly and cast spells and stuff, that would be pretty cool too.

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Memoirs by Lady Trent

This series reads a bit science-y at times and doesn’t actually focus too much on actual dragons, but it’s still such a good series. In my opinion, the books have only gotten better as the series has progressed!! The world building is really so much fun cause it’s like a historical novel set in the Victorian era, but in an alternate Earth where the names and locations of everything are different. And there are dragons. The most recent book was so addictive to read that I was so upset when I found out the 4th book won’t be out until April 2016. 😱 😭

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Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series – Jas and Georgia’s little sister Libby

Pretty sure this was my favourite series growing up. One of the very few books that to this DAY has actually made me laugh out loud in real life while reading. I still haven’t watched the film adaptation for this very reason. The series is too dear to me!!

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A Clockwork Orange

This is probably the most cliché answer ever but I really don’t care. The first time I read it, it was the summer before I started the IB/11th grade and it blew my mind. I had never read a book like it before and even though now, years later, I can see how possibly ‘corny’ it might be, I still think it’s the best dystopic novel I’ve ever read.

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Everything Leads To You

I’m not a romance person. I don’t really like romantic films let alone romantic novels. I cried more at the end of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan than The Notebook. But that’s not saying much seeing as the latter did nothing for me. BUT I picked up this book after reading the summary and realising that it sounded like a self insert fantasy I’d dream up when I was 14 or 15. It’s just very redeeming to read a same gender relationship novel that doesn’t end in tragedy.

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Never Mind the Goldbergs – Hava (I went with Fiction here)

I read this as a teen after finding it in my local Borders, (RIP you lovely bookstore you) and found Hava to be really badass. It was kind of empowering to read about a really cool Jewish girl, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. I didn’t really have any Jewish friends growing up, nobody close anyway. I had a couple of male friends that I knew as a kid as we were basically born in the same week, but then we lost touch when we got older. Basically, I had very few Jewish girls to look to or look up to while growing up. Fran Drescher was my biggest role model – who happens to be Jewish, and still is.

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Half Blood Blues

After I read this I was dead inside. In a bad way but also good. It’s just such an emotional read and I find myself thinking about it a lot. And it’s not just because I’m biased because period dramas set during the second world war make me feel even more of an empty husk of a human than I already am.

“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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