So I live in Singapore. Which is in Asia. Which does not have a lot of Jews. And most certainly not enough to warrant decorations all over the city-state to celebrate Hanukkah.

Which blows because as a kid I wished that just one place would have Hanukkah decorations. Hell, even some blue and gold lights somewhere would have been nice! BUT NO. It was all red and green and Santa this, reindeer that. Not even a few electric candles with blue fairy lights near or around them. 😒






tumblr_l6p0z6mIP71qb6ivx[img src: unknown]

🔘1 – Never knowing if your spelling of Hanukkah is correct.
One book you’ve read that had too many characters/plot-lines to follow!

Starglass!! There were a LOT of plots going on in that book. Or at least it felt like it. ANYWAY. I still enjoyed it. And I totally recommend it as Seasonal Hanukkah Reading. 👌👌👌


🔘2 – Hoping Hanukkah doesn’t come and go too early in the month.
A book you have wanted to re-read but haven’t been able to for one reason or another!

Dracula!! Specifically this version:

[img src]

I fell in love with the cover of this edition in London before coming back home for the year and oh my god. I have never wanted to marry an inanimate object more in my LIFE. 😍💍 Anyway, I’ve wanted to re-read it for aaaaages, and I tried for this Halloween and last year too!! But I guess life got in the way so here I am, still Vampire-less.


🔘3 – Landing on Gimmel while playing Dreidel.
The best book haul/find you’ve ever had!

The SG Book Warehouse Sale!! I’m still amazed at how many books we managed to fit in that one small cardboard box… And all for just S$50/£25!!!!


🔘4 – TFW your E-Reader has like, 3% battery left but lasts for 8 hours.
Two books that felt like they were never going to end, in a bad AND good way!

BAD WAY: The Yiddish Policeman’s Union. gOD. It was painful getting through this book. No matter how hard I tried I could not get myself into it. It’s a miracle I finished it at all honestly. It was an ok story and after I finished it I could appreciate it as a whole novel, but while reading it, I wanted to scREAM.

GOOD WAY: The Tropic of Serpents. So the first book of this was not as good but still interesting to keep going with it. I AM VERY GLAD I DID. This series has only gotten better as it has progressed. The second book is such a good example of that. The series itself takes place in an alternate Victorian Earth with Dragons. So in this book they go to what I can only assume is an alternate Central Africa. So much happens and it’s so exciting that to me it felt like it was so long! But again in a good way! I just find it so easy to get lost in these books.


🔘5 – Eating doughnuts and a boatload of fried food for “Religious Reasons“.
Top 5 fictional foods you wish you could try!

I’m not lying when I say I have a notebook full of random little lists and in it there is a list dedicated to food I wish I could try in real life.

🍩  Butterbeer from Harry Potter – Not this cream soda fakery we have in real life. No, I want the authentic, alcoholic, butterscotch-y tasting beer.
🍩  The Elixir from Asterix & Obelix – I too want be able to knock out Italians Romans when they start imposing on my personal space.
🍩 Lembas Bread from The Lord of the Rings – Do I need to explain this one?? It’s like the everything in one food!!
🍩 Every single candy and chocolate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Hello yes it is I, Augustus Gloop.
🍩 Eat Me Cake from Alice in Wonderland – While I know that there are Not So Legal methods of recreating these world altering cakes, I’d rather like to try the ones Alice ate in the story. Which I’m hoping were also not laced with anything other than powdered sugar and frosting…

[img src: unknown]


🔘6 – Being the only one without a hilariously ugly seasonal sweater.
One book you love that everyone hates and another book that you hate that everyone loves!

I HATE BUT Y’ALL LOVE: Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
What an incredibly droll book. It’s like one of the first Manic Pixie Dreamgirl stories ever and yet everyone and their mother is obsessed with it??? Granted most of that is probably due to the film, which I will admit, was very aesthetically pleasing. But apart from that? Racist and boring as fcuk.

I LOVE BUT Y’ALL HATE: Empire State.
This book is not by any means hated!! But I seemed to think it was better than what the general consensus thought it was… DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAY SAYERS!! This is a fun Dieselpunk book with fun twists and queer characters and people of colour and intrigue.


🔘7 – Trying to avoid getting burnt by the Shamash on nights 4 to 8.
A book you thought was going to be happy but ended up making you dead inside!

The Heralds of Valdemar/Arrows of the Queen trilogy to be honest. I feel like this every time I think about it:

tumblr_lu0lqu30Pq1qid3c0[img src: unknown]


🔘8 – Feeling amused that while everyone knows that Hanukkah is about the time some oil lasted for 8 nights, Hanukkah also celebrates that time Judith beheaded Holofernes. 
A book that you feel is underrated and under-appreciated!

The Bartimaeus SequenceI was SO into this as a kid, and that was only just the first novel! I eventually got around to reading the rest of the series some years later as a teen and let me tell you, it totally holds up. I just love love love this series so very much and even got the chance to tell Jonathan Stroud just how much it meant to me, in person!! EVERYONE READ THIS SERIES!! Then come back to me so we can talk.



This tag is welcome to both Jews and Goyim alike! 😘

That’s why I tag: Dahlia Adler, Celia Edell, Hannah Moskowitz, Phoebe NorthIndia Valentin and Kelly Jensen


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[img src: unknown]


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If you want to of course. It’s cool either way.



7 thoughts on “IT’S HANUKKAH TIME Y’ALL [Book Tag]

  1. I’m so in balance now… I wanna do this tag, but… I’m not a Jew. I like everything related to Jews and Israel, but I don’t know everything about them (you) and their (your) traditions. So, tomorrow it’s Hanukkah. Would you mind answering to some questions?

    1. If you mean ask me questions, sure! But first off I’ll just say that Jews do not always equal Israel. Israelies are not always Jewish either. And not all Jews support Israel. It’s not correct to lump us with Israel as most Jews have no ties whatsoever to the place!

“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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