London Book Crawl 2015: Slightly Foxed + Daunt Books [IRL Adventures]

This is part of a little series where I show you my “Book Crawling” adventures in London!!

Before I left to return home for the year, I made it a point to go around and visit my favourite bookstores one last time, and try to find some others I hadn’t visited yet!!

Hopefully you get a kick out of these posts and if you get to visit London, you get to check out these bookstores too!!

E N J O Y 😁

[img src: unknown]


123 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4TE

Slightly Foxed is such a cute little understated bookstore located in the Kensington area of London. They have a decent amount of books outside at bargain prices, which are always worth sifting through, if you ask me. You never know what you might find!

slightly foxed (1)

A little fox to greet you outside the shop! I do love the play on words for the shop name. SO CLEVER!!

slightly foxed (3)

Unfortunately the store was having some renovations of sorts when I went to take photos. But this is more or less what it looks like from the front!

slightly foxed (6)

And here we have the inside of the shop from the front. As you can see, there is a little sign outside the shop, which is basically your only market of which to find the shop! It’s hidden behind another place which can make it hard to find. But I think the people milling about outside with the bargain books is a pretty good sign too.

slightly foxed (8)

Slightly Foxed in all its glory!!

slightly foxed (12)

This is on the right of the cashier and it holds their collection of first edition prints of books and I think some other rare editions too. On a separate occasion I got this limited edition signed copy of The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman from this shelf!!

[img src]

It is one of my favourite books of all time and a Formative Childhood Novel so I really couldn’t say no. Sorry mum and dad. Even though I’m not really sorry.. 😈

tumblr_mang8zbci31rfo5loo4_250[img src: unknown]

slightly foxed (16)

Collected works of Lord Byron anyone?

slightly foxed (20)

The stairs leading to their “Pre Loved” hideaway..

slightly foxed (41)

Comfy couch included!!

slightly foxed (45)

slightly foxed (32)

Yours truly enjoying the comfy couch. And there you have it! That’s Slightly Foxed!! They also have their own quarterly Literary Magazine! This is the cover of their current Winter 2015 issue:

[img src: slightlyfoxed]
Although described as a literary magazine or journal, Slightly Foxed is much more like a well-read and bookish friend. Printed on fine cream paper and beautifully illustrated, it has the look and feel of a slim paperback, while its content and presentation reflect the editors’ belief that there are many more books worth reading than those featured on the bestseller lists. The craftsmen printers Smith Settle in Yorkshire have been responsible for printing Slightly Foxed from the first issue. They also print and bind all the books subsequently produced by the company.
Each issue of Slightly Foxed contains around 16 essays on books and authors and encompasses a wide variety of genres. Open a copy at random, turn to the bibliography three pages from the back, and there you’ll find an eclectic mix of titles, old and new ‒ novels, travel, memoirs, history, poetry, children’s books, letters, cookery, the countryside and even dictionaries and quirky instruction manuals alongside articles on subjects such as bookplates, editing, blurb-writing or tributes to favourite bookshops. This diverse range makes it the perfect companion for the curious and adventurous reader.
Authors are paid for all contributions and although most contributors are published and often well-known (P. D. James, Penelope Lively, Richard Mabey, Diana Athill, Ronald Blythe and Robert Macfarlane to name but a few) the editors also accept interesting reviews from the general public. All artwork is commissioned by the editors and some of the unique and much-admired images have been successfully reproduced on cards, tea-towels, a calendar and postcards ‒ Posy Simmonds and Quentin Blake have both produced cover images.

I have not checked it out myself, as I didn’t have as much time to when I was in London… BUT that doesn’t mean I’m never going to read it. I just…. have other things… to read…..

tumblr_mfylor20dd1qmktkno4_250[img src: unknown]



83 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4QW

Daunt Books has several locations, but I went to their Baker Street location in Marylebone. Which if you ask me, is their PRETTIEST location. Also, their shop near Baker Street is an original Edwardian bookshop with real oak wood interiors and honestly just being there transports you to another time. It’s so lovely I just adore that bookstore.

daunt bks (3)

They specialise in travel books but have a wide enough variety that you’re bound to find something that interests you.

daunt bks (6)

I also love looking at the types of people browsing the books in the shop at any given moment. It’s always such a variety.

daunt bks (7)

That is their official tote bag that you can buy! Sometimes they give you a free tote bag of a different kind if you buy a certain amount of books.

daunt bks (9)

daunt bks (10)

daunt bks (12)

This is the main part of the store and the most important part if you ask me. The books in this area are organised on the ground floor and basement, by country or region in the world. They contain not only, travel guides and books written about travel, but also books written by authors from those locations as well as books with plots that are either set in or about those areas.

daunt bks (13)

Here’s another shot but with a better look at the stairs leading to the basement.

daunt bks (15) daunt bks (14)

This is what I mean by the books are organised by region in the world or country!! As well as the kinds of books you can find there.

daunt bks (16)

This bookstore is honestly TO. DIE. FOR.

tumblr_inline_ndczss9L1i1r1hq9p[img src: unknown]

daunt bks (18)

Upstairs you’re more likely to find vintage books or even first print editions of travel books. It’s the section where it smells a bit like Old.

daunt bks (27)

I did however find this amazing, almost new Folio book set of ancient civilisations. And I gotta say, it made me feel like I was in the early 20s, living in the hype of the newly opened tomb of Tutankhamun. 😥💕

daunt bks (19)

The view from overhead.

daunt bks (35)

THIS was all they had for their Singapore section, which was part of Malaysia.. (Unsurprisingly enough..) Books about Stamford Raffles, Australians in WW2 or books by white people. DISAPPOINTING. It was nice to find my favourite series, Inspector Singh Investigates though!

daunt bks (32)

I then found this copy of A Monsoon Feast on the display table just opposite the shelf. So their Singapore + Malaysia section wasn’t a TOTAL let down… I GUESS.

daunt bks (34)

Found this lovely edition of The Journey to the West as well!! So so pretty… 💙🐵

daunt bks (29)

This is the YA/Middle Grade section of their store, which is on the left side of the main part of the store. They have a really good selection here too!!

I heard this kid talking to his mum saying:

I don’t want this on my kindle!! They look nicer together on my shelf!! 

Gave the kid a thumbs up and said, I TOTALLY AGREE. He smiled at me and his mum was just like, Oh nooo don’t encourage him!!! 

supercutethumbsupGIF[img src: unknown]

daunt bks (31)

I love these editions!! Who wants to buy me the A Little Princess version????

daunt bks (30)

I also love this version of Goodnight Mister Tom!! I haven’t read this since I was in 5th grade (10 years old)… It was so sad but I do want to read it again one day…

daunt bks (1)

Portrait of the blogger as someone who buys way too many books…

Daunt Books also publishes their own books!! I’ve only read these two though:


I quite liked The Inland Sea more than The Tourists, but they were both very very short, so I’m definetly going to keep my eyes peeled on their authors for more of their work. Maybe I’ll get around to sampling some of the other books Daunt has published…


tumblr_lyzg2skVaX1qfjjglo2_250[img src: unknown]

3 thoughts on “London Book Crawl 2015: Slightly Foxed + Daunt Books [IRL Adventures]

  1. Oh my goodness, those bookshops are GLORIOUS! I love the small, quaint little stores, not only do you get better service, but the staff always know what they’re talking about and you get such a wide range of titles. I wish more bookshops sold both new and preloved titles, I love to collect classics and there’s just something about the scent of the pages and old leather covers that call to me. So hard to find around my area though. Thank you so much for sharing Tamara, absolutely loved it and can’t wait for part two ❤

“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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