In Which My Dad Shames Me For Buying More Books : Great World City + Big Box [IRL Adventures]

Yes I know I have a lot of books that I still haven’t read on my shelves, but buying books is an investment in my future!!! Kind of……………!!!!!!!???!!??

My dad is mean and always shames me when I come home with more books, even if it’s from the library!! But mostly if I buy them. Especially when it’s from a book sale. Because that means buying more than one.

books (3)[img src: unknown]

Great World City


So as you can see, there was an ENORMOUS book sale some weeks back in the atrium area of the Great World City shopping mall. I can’t remember who ran the sale, but it was full of new books!! A lot of them had been published in the last 7 or so years, and some slightly farther back than that. But the great majority of the fiction books were quite recent.

As you can understand, this made me very, very, hungry.

tumblr_lexpe83fBu1qa7t32[img src: unknown]


I found out about it purely by chance!! I went there before a job to have lunch, and instead spent all my time browsing the books and ended up getting 3 books. You could get 3 for 15 dollars, if I remember correctly.

After I finished work I met up with my friends back there again with the intention to have dinner and watch a movie, which we did. But I then decided to give into the siren song of the book sale and just go and buy 6 more.

tumblr_mang8zbci31rfo5loo3_250[img src: unknown]


Books I got:


Big Box

This book sale was aaaall the way out in Jurong and was hosted by the same people who did the book warehouse sale that I went to way back last year. I posted about it too, CLICK!


These SG Book Sale guys never disappoint with the books that they bring and even though I only got 3 this time – for 10 dollars to boot!! Most of their selection were books I either have already read or bought at the sale above!!

You can follow their updates and find out where their next sales will be via their Facebook page HERE. [ ]


I gotta say, it really warmed my heart to see a lot of kids there too also looking for books to buy for themselves, or rather, get their parents to buy for them!!

tumblr_lzvk51x2EL1qf6qby[img src: unknown]


Books I got:


“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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