Graphic Novels via NetGalley + Diamond Books PART 1 [Picture Break + Review]

NET GALLEY MAN. What a wonderful website.




And yes, they do have comics too. Which makes my heart sing. So here is the first part of a bunch of comics from Diamond Books had released on NetGalley for review!!

tumblr_inline_n9b71nwiqh1sewni4[img src: unknown]

Release: 26 July 2016
by Jody Houser 👓💻♀

I LOVE THIS!!! She’s so cute!! And relatable!!! I mean I know like Spider-Man and other supers are relatable too, but she’s so human!!! The pop culture references and jokes crack me UP. I mean, they’re nothing revolutionary but they still make me laugh because they’re not jokes I’m used to seeing in print, ya know?


Special shout out to the artists for including her extra chins and visible body fat!! THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WHO AREN’T THIN LOOK LIKE! While I myself am not plus size at all, I appreciate the realism in her character design re: her body. YES GOOD. I’m so behind on all my comics but I’m gonna try and catch up to this one ASAP!!!

📘 📘 📘 📘 4 Books!

[img src]


Release: 28 June 2016
by Mike Johnson & Ryan Parrott 🖖🚀👾

I WAS REALLY GETTING INTO THIS!!! AND THEN IT ENDED!!!!! AND I THOUGHT I DIDN’T GET THE WHOLE TRADE!!! TURNS OUT IT WAS JUST ONE ISSUE!!!! I’M VERY UPSET!!!! I love this kind of thing!!! I live for tie in novels and comics!!! Especially Star Trek ones. Like for example, in this new ‘reboot’ universe, there’s been this recurring redshirt character called Zahra who’s been popping up in the comics, after she was like a background face in the films AND I LOVE HER. I hope she never dies. She is a redshirt after all.

wp-1460227870060.pngZahra in this issue…
Zahra in the film vs. her Original Series self!

Another thing I love about tie in Star Trek comics in this reboot universe especially, are the silly references to the original series. Some people may find them overkill or even unnecessary, but I, however, am Star Trek Trash™, so I quite literally squeal with joy whenever I read them.

wp-1460227863060.pngI screamed with joy NO LIE.

ANYWAY long story short, I enjoyed this first issue and I feel like this arc might be quite fun and HOPEFULLY give me some idea of what the upcoming film is going to be about! And maybe even some hope that it won’t be total shit and feel more like Star Trek should. Rather than the Gritty Grimdark alternate reality that seems to be the trend these days…

📘 📘 📘 3 Books!

[img src]


by Brian K. Vaughan 🚲🗞⚠️

As of writing this, this comic should have returned with issue #6!! AND YOU SHOULD ALL GO AND READ IT!!! Paper Girls feels like an homage to Spielberg meets John Hughes. YEAH. It is as awesome as it sounds. I don’t want to give too much away because I went into it not knowing anything at all and I think that is the best way to do it with this comic. I cannot wait to find out what happens next… That cliff hanger was so wild and RUDE. How dare Vaughn leave everyone hanging like that. HONESTLY.

📘 📘 📘 📘 📘 5 Books!

[img src]


Release: 7 June 2016
by Antoine Ozenam & translated by Mike Kennedy ✨💪🐯

This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be??? Which is by no means a bad thing. It kinda even reminded me of the Jackie Chan Adventures show????!? I DUNNO. It had that kind of fun vibe to it that made me think of those martial art cartoons that are also super fantastical.

[img src]

Basically this kid Angel doesn’t understand why everyone at school is freaked out by him and that even if he is super late to class he doesn’t get in trouble. He also has a bodyguard-male nanny dude who drives a sports-car and doesn’t quite understand why his family is so feared as they are just in the “fish” business. WRONG-O! They are a big mafia family.

To rub salt into the confusing teenage wound, he discovers his bodyguard has the ability to channel the powers of a tiger and even turns into one when he feels the need. The kicker? These ‘avatars’ are getting killed off slowly slowly by others so they can absorb the power and with every adult avatar there is a younger counterpart. And Angel is the younger tiger.

I really enjoyed the concept of the animal avatar, and at the end of this volume, Angel is much older so I’m 100% going to check out the next one because I wanna know what happens next!!! PS THE ART IS SUPER. The art really added to my enjoyment.

Also shout out to the artist,  Joël Jurion, for the Hellboy shout out in his bedroom. I LOVE YOU and also is this a real thing people can buy because I think I need one.


📘 📘 📘 📘 4 Books!

[img src]



Release: 12 July 2016
by Lorenzo “LRNZ” Ceccotti & translated by Mike Kennedy 🤖💿🚸

Golem was pretty cool even if Golem’s don’t really have much to do with the story until like the very end.. Which was kinda disappointing if I’m being honest. I actually came out of this volume wanting to know more about the team that was in charge of like, protecting this “golem child”, or whatever he was. Although props to the writer for creating this weird, dystopic Italy! I can’t remember specifics, but I quite liked the talks about Europe in the book. The art is also SUPER Japanese, in that it feels like a manga. Which is not a bad thing, I’m just not used to it because I don’ read manga. So just a heads up y’all.

Yeah that’s about it to be honest. Didn’t really feel too passionate about it and didn’t really get too into the story apart from the side characters.

📘 📘 📘 3 Books!

[img src]


“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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