Graphic Novels via NetGalley + Diamond Books PART 2 [Picture Break + Review]

I really hope Diamond Books Distributors continues this pattern of offering comics on Net Galley because I am loving it.

aa[img src: unknown]

by Masahiko Matsumoto 🚬🗾💔

This is a very realistic portrayal of life in Japan in manga form. So if you’re expecting something a bit more dressed up or even uplifting, probably don’t pick this up. It’s not bad, it’s just very blunt. To the point, so to speak. It is very realistic basically. The stories are about the regular people and their problems, the downtrodden and ignored.

Long story short, I didn’t really enjoy this. The art style was amusing and cute and in a way reminded me of Lat, but I felt like this book didn’t really have much heart to it. JUST MY ONION!!!

📘 📘 2 Books!

[img src]


by Farel Dalrymple 👼🔫🌆

So the art in this novel is quite lovely and surreal. Unfortunately the plot is not. It feels like it’s trying to distract you from really taking in the plot. I know that’s mean but it’s the truth. Yeah. Not much to say for this one. I didn’t understand what was going on, nor did I care to. It gets a 2 rating from me simply for the pretty art work.

📘 📘 2 Books!

[img src]


by Erik Burnham 👻😱👓

I love the Ghostbusters a lot. Like A LOT. And when I got this I failed to notice it was just the first issue instead of the whole first volume… 😭 UPSETTING TO SAY THE LEAST. ALL THE SAME it seems like it’s off to a fun start! It features the OG gang from the movies and they’re all pretty true to character as well!! I am extremely behind on all things comic, so I probably won’t continue this for a while. But I’ll try and remember for when it comes out as a collected TPB volume!!

ALSO: Can you tell who is who in this page? 😜 I know for sure at least THREE of these people are actual cameos!!


📘 📘 📘  3 Books!

[img src]


by Greg Rucka 🔮💀🐈

I had NO IDEA what this was going in and I think that helped a bit??? It’s about this detective called Rowan Black who is also a WITCH!! SPOOOOKY!!! And it seems that someone or something is targeting her coven and herself, and threatening to expose her! There is not much else to say but it’s worth it if you love that kind of urban-supernatural nonsense. Also the art is BEAUTIFUL. So so pretty. See???


📘 📘 📘 3 Books!

[img src]


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“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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