Return to Labyrinth Manga : AKA I Hate Myself [Picture Break]

If you know me well enough you’ll know that my love for David Bowie runsΒ incrediblyΒ deep. And in high school, a few of my friends and I got SUPER obsessed with the film, ‘The Labyrinth‘. Starring none other than Bowie himself.

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For the uninitiated, the film is from the 80s and is about a girl called Sarah who ends up wishing her baby brother away to the goblin king, Jareth, and realises she wants him back. To do so she has to get through the goblin kingdom in time and in the process learns about herself and makes friends with all sorts of creatures. These creatures are lovable and beautiful creations by Jim Henson and Brian Froud.

In 2006, Tokyopop published a manga series that was meant to be a sequel to the film in which the baby brother of Sarah, Toby, is now a teenager and ends up returning to the Labyrinth??? Honestly I’m not that sure what it is about because I know it isΒ terrible.

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Monthly Roundup β†ͺ JulyπŸ‘Œ

So this is late and I know that. BUT I HAVE SOME VERY GOOD EXCUSES!!!

  1. I was packing a lot and doing last minute things because my flight to the UK was first on the 31st of July and then moved to the 3rd of August.
  2. I got sick almost as soon as I landed in London.
  3. My phone got stolen on like my 6th day in the city while I was looking at flats.
  4. Now it’s the 2nd week of August and I went to the Nine Worlds convention.


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