Comics 09/2016 [Crowdfund THIS]

I want to try something new here. Crowdfunding through Kickstarter and the like is a really cool way to get book or comic anthologies published, as well as single books either by indie authors or indie publishers!

So I’ve decided that with this new lil’ category that I’d feature a few cool projects that are currently running, and even a few that are independently sold on websites like Gumroad with every post.

THIS POST has comic projects on Kickstarter that are still running and need your help!!!

tumblr_mru72ibW8w1rt8mb2o1_500[img src: uknown]


Proper fantasy but with technology. Not in a Steampunk way, but if like, knights had handphones and Whatsapp. Also a queer female protagonist!!!  CLICK HERE

“Happily Ever Aftr is a fantasy story that follows Gretchen, a member of the Grimhold royal family, as she comes to terms with what love means to her. For generations, the first born Grimhold child has kidnapped a bride for marriage. So naturally Gretchen follows tradition and kidnaps a bride for herself. This, unfortunately, does not sit well with her father who will not allow such a thing. Gretchen must now come to terms with her own sexuality as well as deal with the pressures put on her by her father.”



This webcomic has been running for TWELVE DAMN YEARS!!!!!!!! And is now finally coming to a close in October. Damn, that’s some intense dedication. CLICK HERE

The premise of Earthsong is that the planets across the universe are alive and some of their children, the sentient beings on their surfaces, have been struck with a plague. If they stay on their homeworlds, the plague will kill them, but when they are wisked away to the sanctuary planet, Earthsong, it grants them special powers.
The story follows Willow, a new arrival on Earthsong, who must figure out what her place is on this strange and marvelous world, and Nanashi, a war-weary general who has been protecting Earthsong for ages.  Together they must save the planet they call home from an invader come to conquer and consume them all.



More or less what it says on the tin: an anthology of comics, poems and stories about Latinx-American heritage. CLICK HERE

In Spanish, la raza literally translates as “the race”, a term stemmed from Mexican scholar José Vasconcelos’s phrase, La Raza Cósmica (“the cosmic race”). Because Latin America is a mixture of different races & cultures (Latinx= an ethnicity not a race), we use La Raza as a term define our community by celebrating our roots. Which is what we hope to do with our anthology!



50 indie artists illustrate their stories about anxiety in this 350+ book. CLICK HERE

This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. As cartoonists, we can’t think of a better medium for the job! Visual storytelling gives a face to abstract things, like anxiety, which can be very difficult or painful to convey otherwise. It is our hope that readers will connect with the stories and know that they aren’t alone.

“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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