30th Arthur C. Clarke Awards! [IRL Adventures]

Did you know you can buy tickets to the Arthur C. Clarke awards? Neither did I. So I bought one. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? It was pretty cool.

20160824_194046My photos are all a bit crap as the phone I’ve been using since I got my phone stolen was an old one where the camera was a bit trashed and damaged… SOZ.

Yeah so apparently you can buy tickets for these awards through Foyles when they host it!!! Which I obviously did. But then I was sick because my body is really great like that. It likes to work when it wants to. Which is never really. ANYWAY. I decided I’d still drag my sniffly, congested self to the event anyway because I thought it was way too cool to miss.

Arthur C. Clarke’s niece, Angie Edwards, was there and gave a little speech before the evening really began. Next year it will be ACC 100th birthday!! She noted that though his books may seem dated, or too futuristic to apply to modern day, they are still relevant and good and important to remember.

Angie Edwards is a senior school librarian and said, “Scifi lives on. No doubt. And it is suffering a resurgence and coming in via fantasy to more readers. So is hard scifi. Kids love dystopias. Kids these days are living in a safe and constrained life, and they get their horrible shock and fears via these books without imperiling themselves. They are lapping it up.”

Tom Hunter has been the director of the awards for TEN YEARS now!! He noted that there has been a 200-300% increases in sales within the last year for books through the awards. In 2017 he said there would also be a Clarke conference, which he jokingly said should be called, “2017: A ClarkeΒ Odyssey“. I dunno about you lot but that sounds like an amazingly great name, sO. The awards were also going to partner with Ada Lovelace day on the 11th of October. It’s an event to celebrate the achievements of women in the STEM industries AND starting with the 2017 awards, they will also include self published books in their entries!!

And yes, in case you didn’t hear, Adrian Tchaikovsky won for his book, ‘Children of Time‘.

[img src tor.com]

I too won. Well, I eventually won a copy over twitter by saying the Romulan Bird of Prey was my favourite spaceship… heheheh….

Hl5sAGq3fc1e[img src: unknown]




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