#UCLPub2016 – Introduction to Publishing Jobs [Book Master Training]

On the second day (28/9/16) of my VERY first week of my Publishing post-graduate course, there was an event held by The Publishers Association and UCL. It was open to people in the industry and those who are curious – or students!

I took a lot of notes so I thought I’d type them up along with the details of the speakers from that evening. Not sure if these notes will be of any use to anyone, but here you go!

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INSPIRED SELECTION Abagail Barclay @abigail_barclay



  • Inspired Selection is a search and selection service for publishers + entry level and all disciplines
  • Production jobs: an overall job, be organised
  • Sales jobs: passionate people, a people person
  • Marketing jobs: organised persons, communication skills, have to be reader led and data driven
  • Trade means: fiction, non fiction, children, illustrated, translated, apps, games and magazines
  • STM means: journals, articles, online libraries
  • Academic means: university, higher education, further education, online libraries as well and journals too
  • Professional means: businesses, institutions, finance, legal, digital agencies, charities and non profit companies, media
  • Education means: english language teaching (ELT), schools, textbooks, electronic learning
  • Where to look for jobs: society of young publishers, publishers association, independent publishers guild, linked in, the bookseller, book machine, twitter
  • Your CV should be: 2 A4 sides and include – employment history, work experience, extra skills, education and personal interests -> see if it is appropriate for the job applying for
  • No need to include references for your CV! just write: References: Available on request.
  • Cover letter should be 1 side of A4 -> explain why YOU are the candidate they’re looking for and why they want you -> make sure you research into the company before writing this = their products, what they do/doing
  • Why to use an agency: they give CV advice, access to jobs unheard of before, insight to the role you’re applying for and the company, help with the application process
  • INSPIRED SELECTION LONDON OFFICE: 8 St Thomas Street SE1 9RS – admin@inspiredselection.com 02036686733


Penguin Random House – Yasmin MahmoudiLearning and Development, Penguin Random House @yasmoudiManisha Matharu – Resourcing Advisor @ManishaMatharu


  • Ebooks have changed the way books are displayed as well
  • Publishers are becoming like broadcasters -> competing with other media like Netflix
  • Publishers are also partnering with Youtube stars for books – zoella, dan and phil
  • PRH has 8 paid 10 week summer internships a year and interns are given a variety of roles




OWN IT! – Crystal Mahey-Morgan @CrystalMMorgan
@OWNITLDN – www.ownit.london


  • Publishing is a very exciting time these days with the technology available
  • In the developing world (34 countries) of people aged 16 – 20 the UK is the 2nd last in literacy but 2nd MOST digital savvy
  • We can do so much on a phone so why are we ignoring it?
  • Crystal started her own company called OWN IT! -> it’s a story telling life style brand
  • Produce music, fashion = 6 word story shirts
  • Telling the story is key the medium is not of great importance
  • EPub three : enhanced ebooks
  • They produced a song that was essentially a story in music format that brought new audiences to reading and story telling
  • An enhanced ebook was produced alongside it and the animations became the music video -> could buy the ebook with the song that contained a music video and BTS information as well as the actual text story
  • They recently worked with Robyn Travis who wrote “Prisoner to the Streets”
  • His novel was the only debut by a black british author in 2016 -> proof that the publishing work force is badly skewed to a certain demographic
  • The book launch was a paid ticket launch which is generally unheard of – 7.50 to pre order and 10 pounds on the door = sold over 900 tickets!!! Biggest paid launch ever!
  • On diversity: “It’s them not you… don’t leave first. Make it the reason you stay and get the experience to change things in the future or change it from the inside.



  • PRH: The workforce is drastically different from 2 years ago re-diversity – again, don’t leave! that lets them off the hook re-gender discrimination even though women dominate the workforce
  • Crystal: Move around as much as possible in internships in a company so you can get a lot of experience
  • Going to other industries while still trying for a publishing job shows you’re really passionate! – media, music, gaming admin roles: they show organisation skills
  • How you present those skills from other jobs in your interview is KEY
  • Admin and office experience shows you know how to prioritize work and help others get organised, etc.

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“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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