#UCLPub2016 – Week 1 [Book Master Training]

To those not in the know – which is probably nobody reading this since I’m pretty sure at this point only my mum reads it and occasionally my sister too – I got into the MA Publishing course at UCL last year and deferred.


[img src: unknown]

Well, it arrived a while ago, but I thought it’d be a good idea to make a weekly summary post of my academic shenanigans. I vaguely remember someone in the previous year did the same – up till a certain point – and I found it really useful and even comforting, to get a peek into what I might be doing in the following year!

Enough babbling and here is what Inductions Week was like…

[img src: unknown]


I was late. I GOT CONFUSED!! It was in an engineering building ok!!! I wasn’t sure if that was the right building or if it was another one in the same area…

This first day was mostly an intro and run down of how the rest of the course would go. Also we all posed with a copy of The Bookseller (above) and of course I am the only one wearing mine like a crown. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘‘

wp-1475945060799.pngThen they had an anonymous text in thing where they got us to message in our answers to the following:

  1. Favouriteย character?
  2. Guilty reading pleasure?
  3. Favourite children’s character?
  4. Favourite book?

As you can see, I’m nothing if predictable with my book choices…



The afternoon talk was a departmental one. Which if you didn’t know, is the Department of Information studies! That includes the archive and librarian people. It was also in a chemistry lecture theatre??? Haven’t been seated near a large periodic table since I was a teenager…




The Tuesday wasn’t too much either, it was just a closer rundown of the course and the term, and more nitty gritty things about our group. Same goes for the Wednesday to be honest.

In the evening on Tuesday, there was a talk open to all sorts of publishing students or possible students about the jobs in the industry. I’ve made a separate post for that seeing as I took a bunch of notes! It was really fascinating!!

Click HERE for event post.



The morning lecutre was in this really weird theatre that felt like a court house?? And also it had a Hebrew sentence above the screen???!? I didn’t really understand and I was not entirely awake to fully comprehend it. We were just mostly told what each department was in terms of What Is Information from each department head.


AND THEN!!! THE SCAVENGER HUNT!!!! It was pretty fun although extremely excessive – we had to go to St Pauls and back. My group did this entirely on foot. I think I did enough walking for a year… Too much guys, too much. I chronicled our discoveries on my twitter account under our team name, The Famous Five. Yes, after the Enid Blyton series.

Clue #8: Where Gandalf’s beard first unfurled near the Museum, look up to find the ornate sign of Ruskin House.

Clue #3: Hodge, the Lexicographical cat, lives in this square near Fleet Street. Honour his effigy and check out his diet.

Clue #1: Under Anne’s stern eye, the founder of Copyright, find the row of Our Father, where publising once was, (but alas not since 1940).ย 

Clue #2: Where little Wynkyn set up his press in the heart of the city. A bonus if you find the window, and the wedding cake!

Clue #4: Where Winnie the Pooh found his Essex roots near the Temple just off the Strand.

Clue #5: Penguins in their shells here in an old hotel. Check out the odd traffic at the Savoy next door!

Clue #6: This building, Aldine house, made a dent in Everyman’s library. Find it in the garden near ANOTHER St Pauls.

Clue #7: Round the cape at No 30, you’ll find Bloomsbury nearby in this Publishing Square.

Clue #9: Where Long Tom unveiled his Wasteland, now you’ll study the Far East and Africa…

Clue #10: Almost home! Where once you bought your medical books at HK Lewis, now you’ll have a well deserved coffee at George’s Bar!ย 






โ€œEven now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.โ€ - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice ๐Ÿƒโ˜•

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