Comics 10/2016 [Crowdfund THIS]

Got a bunch of really cool comics and graphic novels that need help to get printed!!

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A Roman-British goddess is tricked by her brother into a one-way time portal to contemporary Britain. She ends up befriending a historian who specialises in Celtic paganism. Brigantia has to learn to adapt to this world that has forgotten her as she tries to return to her own time to defeat her brother to change the future… CLICK HERE!

Brigantia is a fantasy adventure story which addresses questions about equality and the state of the modern world. It weaves together history and mythology to create a world where the ancient gods are real – but depend on the belief of humans in order to maintain their power. Brigantia herself struggles with her newfound anonymity and relative powerlessness, which hampers her search for a way back to her own time. She must get home to regain her divine powers and prevent Veteris from spreading his evil across Britain. Brigantia is a story set in two worlds – contemporary Britain and the mystical ‘Otherworld’ which is Brigantia and Veteris’ home.



I’ve heard so many great things about this comic, and have been meaning to read it for AGES, but I just never got around to it… Maybe I’ll do it now that the second volume is coming out!! CLICK HERE!

Alastair Sterling was an inventor on the verge of changing the robotics industry forever – until his untimely death supposedly removed him from the equation. 16 years later, he wakes up in an identical robot body and finds a world that remembers him, in more ways than one.Β There’s his partner, Brendan Pinsky, who’s headed Sterling’s company as CEO, and with whom Al shared a secret relationship up to the day of his death…Β There’s Sulla, the female android who began as an imperfect copy of Al’s mind, and who’s facing her own problems in the presence of her long lost “father”…Β And then there are the countless robots who now populate the city Al left behind, holding on to a legacy that Al isn’t sure he asked for…



Volume 1 will collect the first 4 issues that were published in the last year. Sliced Quarterly pride themselves on being a fully creative playground for artists to play in whatever way they like. The sequential narrative is explored in all sorts of ways through their comics and will be bound in a paperback volume for the first time! CLICK HERE!

All four issues can be read and downloaded for free on our website, so you really can try before you buy, however the book will also include bonus material not available in the website editions. Previews of the bonus comics will be released during the campaign –Β



Prost, a newly hired bartender at the legendary Jade Mug tavern, is on the way to crafting a new drink and possibly fame and fortune. All this goes haywire when he has a chance encounter with a practitioner of Black Magicks and narrowly escapes with his life. Not only does this change his future, but possibly the future of the tavern too.. CLICK HERE!

Good SpiritsΒ follows Prost, a newly hired bartender acting as an apprentice at the legendary Jade Mug; a tavern of infamy and renown, known for housing only the finest ales and spirits in the land. Prost longs to make something of himself and aims to do so by pursuing the art of crafting his own spirits from an old moonshine still he recently discovered.Β The story begins on one of the most important days in the Jade Mug’s history, the nextΒ Passing of the Mug, when the tavern’s current owner retires and hands the bar over to the next. On top of that, the Jade Mug is also hosting a prestigious competition that crowns the best drink in the city;Β an award that can spell success or disaster for all those that enter.Β The high pressure night takes an unexpected turn when Prost encounters a practitioner of the Black Magicks and narrowly escapes with his life. The encounter leaves Prost confused and terrified, but more importantly, leaves the Passing of the Mug, the drink contest, and the fate of the entire Jade Mug in jeopardy.Β 



The much raved about comic series by Hamish Steele, is finally going to be printed in trade paperback format! CLICK HERE!

Barney has run away from home. He’s got a job but he’s got nowhere to live so ends up crashing there after his shift. Funny thing is – he works in a haunted house attraction. Unfunny thing is – it’s ACTUALLY haunted.

Along with his best friend and now boss Norma and his faithful talking dog Pugsley, the gang battle dangerous demons, sinister psychiatrists and glamorous ghosts while attempting to lead normal lives.

Bleeding Cool listed it in its Top 5 LGBT Comics of 2015 for “shining light on issues that few other books dare to tread upon … all done in an open, honest and accessible to any age way that really makes this series a joy” as well as listing it among their top UK Indie Comics of 2015.

β€œEven now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice πŸƒβ˜•

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