Independent Book Week #IBW2017 [IRL Adventures]

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Before I started this blog in 2015, I made it a point to go on a bit of a book crawl so I could make some posts showcasing the indie stores, while I was back home in Singapore.

Didn’t really get around to making more than two of those posts… BUT in the spirit of Indie Bookshop Week, I’m going to feature those bookstores I visited, and in geographical order!

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123 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4TE

Quite the understated store in Kensington, Slightly Foxed also sells second hand books outside the shop at discount prices that are, SLIGHTLY. FOXED…. GET IT???? Ok nevermind, I tried. They also have a small but lovely selection of first edition books!! Some can be quite pricey, as you’d expect, but there’s usually at least one that isn’t, like a first edition Harry Potter book or similar. But the coolest part is their downstairs basement that has a couch and stacks on STACKS of second hand books!! BUT ALSO! They have their own literary journal/magazine! Like I said, understated and unassuming bookstore.

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Goods Way, King’s Cross N1C 4AA

A boat with books!!! And sometimes doggies!!!! Do you need more convincing????? Although if you have SERIOUS dust allergies, maybe… don’t… go…. They only have second hand books and is the case with a lot of second hand bookshops, it’s a bit dusty there. But by no means dirty!!!!!!!!!

Finally found #wordonthewater!! 📚💦

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 Here’s the link to my original post!


66 The Brunswick, off Marchmont St WC1N 1AE

Probably THE best place to go if you’re looking for second hand academic books, but more of the ‘generic’ undergraduate book types if I’m not mistaken. That’s due to the fact that it’s relatively close to the main UCL campus! But besides academic books, there’s a plethora of all sorts of goodies in Skoob.

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59 Lamb’s Conduit Street WC1N 3NB 

These amazing women reprint neglected texts by (mostly) mid-20th century female writers. Each book has a wash of grey on the cover, which makes them all look so unassuming, but on opening the books you’ll see that each one has a special pattern on their end-papers, and a matching bookmark! And if I’m not mistaken, those individual patterns also hold historical significance.

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83 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4QW

Oh Daunt, how do I even begin to explain how lovely you are… Famous for a reason this bookstore is probably THE prettiest one in London, and I will fight anyone who wants to debate this. Daunt books also shelves their books by location on the globe. So if you’re looking for the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books, you’d go to the Swedish or Scandinavian shelves. If you’re looking for the new Salman Rushdie book, you’d go for the South Asian shelves. The upstairs balcony is where they hold their second hand and rare books. And you can go through those books and TOUCH THEM!!!! So take that people who told me as a kid to stop touching everything in the store. I AM ALLOWED HERE!!

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14 Bury Place WC1A 2JL

This bookshop was opened in 2003 by THE London Review of Books, a bi-monthly magazine about books and ideas. They host loads of events every month and even have a cute little newsletter that alerts you of their bestsellers as well. Their selection is extremely varied, which is excellent, and they also have comfy chairs to sit in which is ALWAYS appreciated.


12 Bloomsbury Street, WC1B 3QA

This is the flagship bookstore for Oxfam, and in my opinion the best Oxfam to find books too. Obviously all second hand, but always in good condition. They also sell vinyl and comics too!! Honestly I love scouring the shelves here, sometimes you can find old ARCs and old prints of SFF classics!! I’m not sure if Oxfam counts as an indie bookstore, but I’m throwing it in anyway seeing as Oxfam are relatively good guys anyway. Also this store is quite literally next to the British Museum, which never stops being so hilariously amazing to me. The fact that it’s pretty much in the center of the city!!


179 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8JR

Not sure if this one also counts as an indie, but their selection of SFF books is not one to forget. I actually CANNOT let myself visit this store unchaperoned anymore, it’s TOO DANGEROUS. Always check their website and social media to find out when they have a signing! Those days will always be crowded, unless you want to meet that author as well!
107 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0DT

These guys got a sick revamp in the last year or so and it is SO pretty!! Everything is so wonderfully organised that I find it’s so easy to lose track of time. I’ve lost so much time just going through the art and photography section as well as the various genre fiction shelves…. Another dangerous place to visit if you ask me. But they do have a lovely cafè upstairs as well as a gallery space that is often occupied with interesting work.


72 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0

On the ground floor is Francis Edwards, where you can find antique books of all sorts. I really mean ALL SORTS. They also have a catalog in case you’re hunting for something specific. Downstairs is Quinto, which is another second hand bookshop. Everything from modern paperbacks to not your run of the mill older books. It’s really fun place to spend an hour or two just digging around for a gem you didn’t know you wanted. Fun fact: Quinto is completely restocked at the end of every month, while Francis Edwards gets new stock weekly on a Thursday.


Cecil Court, WC2N 4HE

Quite literally a little diagon alley. Filled with loads of cute little bookshops that only seem cute on the outside, but mean business on the inside. Apparently the shopfronts haven’t been altered in more than a century, which is quite an achievement if you think about it.

You can find all manner of books and printed matter here. 16th century folios, modern first editions, old editions of children’s books and even rare maps. See what I mean about a diagon alley???

Stores worth looking at: Tender Books, Pleasures of Past Times, Marchpane, Peter Ellis, Watkins Bookshop, Goldsboro Books and Stephen Poole Fine Books.


187 Picadilly Street, St James’s, W1J 9LE

Another beautiful and historic bookstore, Hatchards is the oldest bookshop in London, occupying the same building since the day it opened in 1797. It’s also home to an enormous selection of books, some even signed from their various events!! They also stock a significant amount of first edition books and can assist in sourcing books for you if needed.

Other shops in London that are worth a visit:







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“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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