Late Jan/Early Feb Haul [Book Haul]

Well this is quite the belated post… But I thought I’d do it all the same.

I keep buying books here and there EVEN when I said I wouldn’t and would stick to the library since I still have SOOOO many books at home yet to read…. siGh…

Guess I am that b*tch.

[img src: unknown]

Sorry I’m no book-stagram genius so you’ll have to deal with these mediocre photos. Even though I have a photography related degree…. l o l…. OH WELL.

Look at this damn gorgeous cover!!!!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!! IT’S SO PURPLE AND GOTHIC!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! All it needs is like, a spaceship or robot in the corner and it would be the very essence of ME.


Thanks to my MA I can’t look at these pocket Penguins normally. WAR FLASHBACKS…. To give you some context, during our first and very intensive week, we had an assignment based on this new collection from Penguin and we were also given one book for free. I wanted this one but I don’t think it was out at the time of the assignment. NOW IT’S MINE!!!


  • Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman – Not posting a picture of this one but I’m excited to finally read it in it’s entirety!! I think I read the first issue when it came out but I don’t remember any of it. I’ve been a fan of the Sandman series for years too so this should be SHRIMPteresting….



This is an anthology of coming out stories written in prose of fellow Singaporeans from 2006!!! I had no idea a book like this even existed, let alone 10+ years ago! This new edition has some new content and a new cover too! I really love the cover and spine design, so I had to share a photo!


  • Mynah Magazine Issue #1 and #2

Mynah #2 over Big Boy Mynah #1

I didn’t buy these during the SG writers festival when I had the discount and regretted it. So here I am, fixing my regrets… TEE HEE. Anyway, Mynah Magazine is really cool because it’s a collection of longform stories and articles that critically examine aspects of Singapore and Singaporean life, as well as shining light on stories that wouldn’t otherwise be featured.

Here are some choice insides from the first issue:

And some from the second:



I also thought I’d feature 2 of the books that I got for Hanukkah (which I uh… also have… not read yet….. oops….)

My good pal and broski for life got me this LOVELY hardback cover and it’s so soft… like… the dust jacket feels so nice…. And the guts inside are pretty too without the dust jacket:


  • Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta – No photo for this one either BUT my dear friend and MA classmate got me this after our GLOBAL secret santa game hehehe… The link will show the exact edition I got, which I actually like more than the purple sunset version. ♥ I’m not even a little bit surprised that she got me one of the queer books that was on my list. QUEER RECOGNIZE QUEER.
[img src: unknown]

“Even now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice 🍃☕

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