[IRL Adventures +Book Haul] 2018 Down Unda’ 🐨

At the start of March last year, I went for a couple of weeks with my parents to Melbourne and Sydney! We decided to take things easy tourism wise and just play by ear.

Which meant that I ended up dragging my parents to some pretty bookstores and second hand bookstores. And also buying books. Even though my dad shamed me every time, because APPARENTLY, “I wasn’t gonna buy them in the first place but then mum said to go ahead” is not a good enough excuse…

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Monthly Roundup β†ͺ June/JulyπŸ™„

I did not reach as much as I had hope I would, which is very sucky. But! I did get myself into a bit more of a reading swing which is progress as far as I’m concerned. Easing yourself back into enjoying and engaging with a hobby that you love is hard and upsetting because it should be easy, but if it’s been ages, it’s not!! AND IT’S FRUSTRATiNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[Book Haul + IRL Adventures] Library Adventure + Childhood Books

A while ago I went to the big main local library to check out some books as well as look at a few embroidery books that were for reference only. I love to cross stitch and even attempt Big Girlβ„’ embroidery as a hobby for a while now but only recently set up an instagram for it, to sort of blog about it in an indirect way, and share the things I’ve made.

ANYWAY I had a lot of fun at the library and following that trip my mum did a deep dive into some storage boxes she was replacing and found some iconic and beloved childhood favourites!

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