[Book Haul + IRL Adventures] Library Adventure + Childhood Books

A while ago I went to the big main local library to check out some books as well as look at a few embroidery books that were for reference only. I love to cross stitch and even attempt Big Girlβ„’ embroidery as a hobby for a while now but only recently set up an instagram for it, to sort of blog about it in an indirect way, and share the things I’ve made.

ANYWAY I had a lot of fun at the library and following that trip my mum did a deep dive into some storage boxes she was replacing and found some iconic and beloved childhood favourites!

[img src: unknown]


There was also this very cool story dispenser of stories by Singaporeans about SG!!!! Each printout has information at the end of it on where you can read the rest of the story should you be so inclined. Very cool indeed.


The books what I got!! I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the third book in The Shadow series by Lila Bowen for AGES so I’m glad it was free for me to grab at the library!!

I’ve also wanted to read Bats of the Republic for ages too! I know it’s on ebook format through the library but I feel like it’s a book best read in physical form. (And now I have actually read it I can confirm this.)

Above the lending library on the ground floor was a little exhibit of archival photos from “old” Singapore, which was really neat. I always enjoy looking at old photos of SG because it’s so interesting to see how fast this sweaty island has grown in a matter of decades..!

The day after or so of my library trip my mum did a bit of reorganising of some storage boxes and dug up a little treasure trove of childhood books…! I thought it would be nice to share a bunch as I’m pretty sure some of them are still out there for sale or rental in the world.

  • THE RABBI’S GIRLS: I don’t remember much of this book but my mum said I read it all the time. The cover is the only thing that’s familiar to me!!
  • SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: Ok listen. This book? This one right there???? The best. I loved and still love this book SO. MUCH. It’s so lovely and the art is so sweet and on each page you can see the little jewish mice living in the floor boards and walls of the shtetl home and I have such fond memories of pouring over the book over and over while looking at the little mice… ahHHH I LOVE IT!
  • THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING CHALAH: I don’t remember much of the plot of this one other than loving the artwork. It’s so dated but it’s dated in a good way. Internet tells me the book was published first in ’59 but this edition is likely from the ’80s. Makes sense as the art feels so ’60s to me!! And the illustrator is the same one who did another book I loved as a kid that’s not here, The Kiddush Cup Who Hated Wine.
  • ONE MINUTE JEWISH STORIES: I vaguely remember this one but it doesn’t matter because it’s a book by Shari Lewis AKA, LAMBCHOPS!!!!
[img src: tenor]
  • 101 DALMATAS: We all know what this is right… We all watched 101 Dalamations right… Well we also had a bunch of Disney books in Spanish because I guess that’s one way to get kids to practice a language…
  • TORAH RHYMES AND RIDDLES: My mum would buy everything and anything judaism related when we would visit her family in the states when we were kids and she only bought more once we stopped going to Sunday School and doing it at home instead. I remember really liking the art in this one but that’s about it…
  • ABOUT THE B’NAI BAGELS: I remember 0 about this book and basically all the other Konigsburg books we have at home but my mum claims that I read them all over and over!!

Did you even grow up as an Asheknazi Jewish person if at least one of your parents didn’t have one of these books to use as his sense of humour and only Jewish jokes they ever told?!?!?!????????

[img src: unknown]

Oh man.. THIS BOOK!!! It seemed so big to me when I was a kid!! It was basically like a Where’s Waldo but jewish!!!!!!!! In actual fact this book is quite small and not as… hard to find things… lol…

[img src: unknown]

β€œEven now I'm not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I've gotten from books.” - [Beatrice Sparks] Go Ask Alice πŸƒβ˜•

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