[IRL Adventures +Book Haul] 2018 Down Unda’ 🐨

At the start of March last year, I went for a couple of weeks with my parents to Melbourne and Sydney! We decided to take things easy tourism wise and just play by ear.

Which meant that I ended up dragging my parents to some pretty bookstores and second hand bookstores. And also buying books. Even though my dad shamed me every time, because APPARENTLY, “I wasn’t gonna buy them in the first place but then mum said to go ahead” is not a good enough excuse…

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[Book Haul + IRL Adventures] Library Adventure + Childhood Books

A while ago I went to the big main local library to check out some books as well as look at a few embroidery books that were for reference only. I love to cross stitch and even attempt Big Girlβ„’ embroidery as a hobby for a while now but only recently set up an instagram for it, to sort of blog about it in an indirect way, and share the things I’ve made.

ANYWAY I had a lot of fun at the library and following that trip my mum did a deep dive into some storage boxes she was replacing and found some iconic and beloved childhood favourites!

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[Book Haul] Epigram Christmas Sale 2018πŸŽ„

Early December in 2018 Epigram had a REALLY REALLY good sale for Christmas (Hanukkah too IMO) at their HQ office space in Toa Payoh. I decided to kick my hermit ass out of the house one evening to go have a look and see if there was anything I didn’t own yet. Spoiler: there was.

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Sickly Kid Buys+Rents Too Much [Book Haul]

The last month or so has not been good for me health wise. I was hospitalized for a night after a small procedure to get rid of a not so fun build up thanks to my Crohn’s. WHICH by the way, is confirmed to be the bowel disease that I have, and not Ulcerative Colitis as was previously thought. My mental health has also taken a fun dip in the negative pool, but luckily things are on the mend now. I’ve even started a new medication for my Crohn’s which should kick in soon…?!?

That’s why I decided toΒ πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈTREAT MY SELFπŸ’β€β™€οΈ and buy some books (as well as check some more out from the library). Also because my new Crohn’s medicine is given by IV infusion that will take at least half an hour + observation time afterwards, it makes sense to go nuts with new reading material… Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

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JY Yang Book Signing [IRL Adventures + Book Haul]

On the 21st of October I went to the big Kinokuniya bookstore in Takashimaya in Singapore to FINALLY meet the author JY Yang in person for their book signing!!

I’ve talked to them before for a while on ye ol’ twitters, so it was really nice to get to finally meet them in person. To make it official.

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Reading Week in America 2017!! [IRL Adventures]

The best part of that title is that the week off from uni when I took this trip was LITERALLY calledΒ Reading Week.Β For those not in the know, it just means that we get a week off classes to catch up on work and various reading that we may have been assigned. Instead I decided to visit friends in the USA.


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Anyway, here are myΒ book related adventures in the colonies wild west!

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