Trope Talk: The Chosen One [Thinky Talky Thoughts + Book Master Training]

NB: This was previously locked as it was an assignment for my Masters course, but since marking is over now I will unlock it! Also cause I got good feedback from it so why not. 😎

The Chosen One. The one who will save us all.

The one who will vanquish the demons.

The one who is EVERYWHERE.

AΒ clichΓ© or just badly utilized? And has it gotten any better?

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#UCLPub2016 – Week 2 [Book Master Training]

Week 2 was… a Lot. Somehow we managed to squeeze in an entire introductory module in 5 days. Safe to say my brain was quite mushy by Friday.

The staff called it ‘Book Camp’. It was 100% appropriate. 😡πŸ˜₯😱


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#UCLPub2016 – Week 1 [Book Master Training]

To those not in the know – which is probably nobody reading this since I’m pretty sure at this point only my mum reads it and occasionally my sister too – I got into the MA Publishing course at UCL last year and deferred.


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Well, it arrived a while ago, but I thought it’d be a good idea to make a weekly summary post of my academic shenanigans. I vaguely remember someone in the previous year did the same – up till a certain point – and I found it really useful and even comforting, to get a peek into what I might be doing in the following year!

Enough babbling and here is what Inductions Week was like…

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#UCLPub2016 – Introduction to Publishing Jobs [Book Master Training]

On the second day (28/9/16) of my VERY first week of my Publishing post-graduate course, there was an event held byΒ The Publishers AssociationΒ and UCL. It was open to people in the industry and those who are curious – or students!

I took a lot of notes so I thought I’d type them up along with the details of the speakers from that evening. Not sure if these notes will be of any use to anyone, but here you go!

2zedx1e[img src: unknown]


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