Reading Affirmations [Thinky Talky Thoughts]

This is not my own text but a sweet lil’ post I found a while back on Tumblr and felt the need to re-post it and spread the good word and good feels.

So I dedicate this post and the re-posted message to anyone who has been made to feel bad about what they enjoy reading, whether it be cheap paperback romance, a novel that touched you deeply even though it was written by a total asshole of a human being, or corny SFF and Fanfic.


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I, your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian absolve you from all literary sins and encourage you to go and read what you like on the platform of your choosing.

Never feel guilty for reading fan fic at 3am. Everything is fanfic in the end.
From fanfic you were made, to fanfic you shall return.

Read that which has been panned by literary snobs.
Read novels churned out by the dozen by authors with a dozen pseudonyms.

Read your US and People. Flip through Popular Science just for the gadgets section.
Read articles about the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Read books outside your comfort zone. Donโ€™t finish them if you donโ€™t want.
Itโ€™s the bookโ€™s fault, not yours.

Read in your comfort zone. Read a YA and romance and science and fantasy.

Skip over the boring bits. Read it because you heard about it from Oprah or because everyone else is reading it.

Giggle yourself silly at something so poorly written and full of author wish fulfillment that you just canโ€™t stop reading it.

Donโ€™t listen to the keepers of taste and culture.
Their reward comes every time they pat themselves on the back for their superior taste.

Donโ€™t listen to the academics that bemoan the downfall of society and learning.
They have been doing that since Socratesโ€™ time.

Donโ€™t listen to the TV presenters who insist you are not cultured if you havenโ€™t read from this list of books.

Audio books count as reading.
Ebooks count as reading.
Fanfic of questionable quality counts as reading.
Rereading books for the third time counts as reading.
Reading to your child counts as reading.
Reading from the back of the cereal box (and doing the puzzle) counts as reading.

TL;DR: read what you want. Donโ€™t be ashamed.

Never let someone try to make you feel bad for how or what you read and enjoy.

Tell them that I, your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian have absolved you from your guilt and have given you special blessings.

Go forth and read, my child.

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