UPDATE: Time Sure Passes When You Got Bad Brainsβ„’

It’s been a whole damn year folks. I’ve barely read in that last year and also didn’t manage to do some big things I was meant to do which sucks but. It’s whatever it’s the past so moving on is the priority. Which is the hard part as said Bad Brainsβ„’ aka depression/anxiety fun times, had/have gotten the better of me.

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Anyway. Like I said, I’ve barely done any reading in the last year since I posted here but I have started reading again which is a nice thing. I haven’t bothered to put them in a monthly roundup, but I will probably do that next month since it’s my birthday month and it feels nice to restart then. Also my reading is still sporadic and I am still all over the place l o l…

SO TILL THEN!!!!!!!!! SMELL YA L8R!!!!!!!!111111111111

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5 GBBO Fiction Fixes [Literary Lists]

Tonight I watched the second episode of the latest season of the Great British Bake Off. Which I’m sure everyone knows is the most stressful and adrenaline pumping baking show in the history of theΒ world.

So in honour of this new season, I thought I’d compile a list of books – and a few comics! – that will surely curb your cravings for GBBO in-between episodes.

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