#1KBE A Thousand Beginnings and Endings Reading Challenge [Book Tag]

So this is OBVIOUSLY not a Book Tag, but I don’t have an appropriate category SO THIS WILL HAVE TO DO.

From the 10th of June till the 1st of July I am going to take part in the #1KBE reading challenge by Aentee at Read At Midnight! Everyone who signs up for this challenge is eligible to win a hardback copy of the anthology, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman.

I have been SALIVATING for this anthology since I heard about it in December last year as it features retellings of myths and legends from East, South and South East Asia!

If you know me you know that I am a born and bred Ang Moh-Singaporean, which means I am just as wary of Pontianak as I am of Sirens… What I’m saying is diversity is the spice of life and South East Asia is the best spice. FIGHT ME.

[img src: unknown] Yes I know that is kimchi and not sambal or rojak lol…

ANYWAY I’m also, as of writing this post, very deep in a horrible, terribad reading slump and this feels like the perfect thing to kick my ass as I can read short stories AND articles as well as books if I want!

This post shall serve as an entry for the challenge and a reminder to myself of my bingo choices!

[img src: read at midnight]

I’ve marked my bingo line with the little stacked books emoji, and listed the books/articles for each choice here:

📚 RENEE AHDIEH – The Wrath and the Dawn

📚 PREETI CHHIBBER – How to Kill Off Characters / Asian Representation in Hollywood / Brown Bodies in White Spaces: On Meeting Riz Ahmed

📚 ALYSSA WONG – Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers (The New Voices of Fantasy)

📚 ROSHANI CHOKSHI – Aru Shah and the End of Time

And since I am attempting to restart my reading mojo, I might as well try to knock a few books off of my to-read list as well! So If I have the time, before the end of the challenge, I’ll try and tackle these too:

📚 RAHUL KANAKIA – Excess Light (Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling)

📚 CINDY PON – Beautiful Venom/Without the Evil in the World, How Do We See the Good? (Because You Love to Hate Me)

📚 ALIETTE DE BODARD – The Tea Master and the Detective

📚 E.C. MYERS – The Observer Effect (Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy)


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Sickly Kid Buys+Rents Too Much [Book Haul]

The last month or so has not been good for me health wise. I was hospitalized for a night after a small procedure to get rid of a not so fun build up thanks to my Crohn’s. WHICH by the way, is confirmed to be the bowel disease that I have, and not Ulcerative Colitis as was previously thought. My mental health has also taken a fun dip in the negative pool, but luckily things are on the mend now. I’ve even started a new medication for my Crohn’s which should kick in soon…?!?

That’s why I decided to 🙋‍♀️TREAT MY SELF💁‍♀️ and buy some books (as well as check some more out from the library). Also because my new Crohn’s medicine is given by IV infusion that will take at least half an hour + observation time afterwards, it makes sense to go nuts with new reading material… Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

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Better Shorts Than ‘Cat Person’ [Literary Lists]

If you were away from the internet recently, let me fill you in. Everyone lost their minds over a semi decent short story in the New Yorker about a 20 something college girl having a questionable but short lived relationship.

[img src: unknown]

Long story short, people got upset, people had opinions, and honestly, there are SO MANY better short stories out there that you can read instead of this one. Here are my recommendations of short story anthologies that you can read instead of bothering with that one. 👍👍👍

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Monthly Roundup ↪ March 📚⛅

This month has been crazy tiring work wise and THEN I got sick and spent a bit of time in hospital, and as all chronic illness kids know, is the fun place to be.

I did manage to read a shit load more than I thought I would which is awesome!! I’m even past the half way point for my 40 book reading goal for the year!!!

Although my new mini goal is to try and read at least half of the books that I currently own before I head back to the UK for my masters in the fall. Which is actually a lot of books as well. So uh, that should prove to be an interesting challenge…

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All Saints Home Charity Carnival [IRL Adventures]

In which I befriend a bunch of 10 year olds, get hit on by one, do the lords work by getting them to read Calvin and Hobbes and Roald Dahl, and get asked to take selfies with a bunch of others.

Honestly I loved getting to shoot this story even if it was a small article. It gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling to know that elementary school kids still get excited over books AND reading them!!

tumblr_lzvk51x2EL1qf6qby[img src: unknown]

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Monthly Roundup ↪ Feb 👄🌹🍊🍊

Ahh. The second month of the year. Also known as “the season of buying overpriced roses and buying discount chocolate”. Also, Chinese New Year! 🈷️🍊🍊🈸

🎆🏮 (belated) GONG XI FA CAI & XIN NIAN KUAI LE! 🏮🎆

[img src: unknown]

Didn’t finish my stack of short books again… But I was reading longer books too so I think that’s a good enough reason!!!!!!!! Maybe March will be the month I finish the stack and finally get to dive headfirst into my Unread section of my home library, as well as local library.

I also thought of doing a mid month book haul post, as I got a bunch of library books as -*well as bought a few second hand ones, but it’s now march so… it doesn’t…. feel like… there’s…. much……. point…………

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Monthly Roundup ↪ Jan ⌚😫

I really really REALLY underestimated how busy I would get working at the national paper as a photojournalist intern/temp… Working a 10 hour day is the norm and getting to come home at 6-7pm for dinner is a lucky break. And I’m not even doing early or late night shifts yet!!

[img src: unknown]

It’s madness but I’m enjoying it so there’s that. I’ve also been able to shoot a few stories that are book related and I’ll eventually post them up here since they are what I’d call a “Local Love”. One is a restaurant and the other is an author!

Despite my hectic schedule I managed to read 4 of my short books from my January TBR post, which even though is not even close to what my goal was, I also read 2 books that were longer than 200 pages. So I guess it’s not all bad. I’m just going to transfer that TBR challenge to February and try and read more in-between travelling to jobs during the week.


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