Late Jan/Early Feb Haul [Book Haul]

Well this is quite the belated post… But I thought I’d do it all the same.

I keep buying books here and there EVEN when I said I wouldn’t and would stick to the library since I still have SOOOO many books at home yet to read…. siGh…

Guess I am that b*tch.

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Books with Jewish Protagonists that are NOT set in WW2 [Literary Lists]

Laugh silently to keep from yelling and kicking down a shelf in the library/bookstore‘..

Ya feel me?

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Shanah Tovah Dudes!! 🍎🍯🍏 [Literary Lists]

That means ‘Happy New Year’ in Hebrew…. BECAUSE IT’S THE JEWISH NEW YEAR!!! Also known as Rosh Hashanah.

I’m in the midst of my intensive second week of my Publishing MA here at UCL in London, but I thought I’d compile a ‘listicle’ of some Jewish themed or centric books in honour of the new year.

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