Monthly Roundup β†ͺ Aug/SeptπŸ›«

I’ve had the sleepy b*tch disease as my friends call it. I’M JUST SO TIRED. ALWAYS!!!! ☹️ But I spent September in the UK visiting my sister and seeing friends so I tried VERY HARD to read as much as possible (mostly short books that I have not gotten around to reading from NetGalley), AND I changed my GoodReads reading goal because I want the shiny badge. It’s now at 30, and I think I did pretty well. SILVER LINING!

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[IRL Adventures +Book Haul] 2018 Down Unda’ 🐨

At the start of March last year, I went for a couple of weeks with my parents to Melbourne and Sydney! We decided to take things easy tourism wise and just play by ear.

Which meant that I ended up dragging my parents to some pretty bookstores and second hand bookstores. And also buying books. Even though my dad shamed me every time, because APPARENTLY, “I wasn’t gonna buy them in the first place but then mum said to go ahead” is not a good enough excuse…

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Better Shorts Than ‘Cat Person’ [Literary Lists]

If you were away from the internet recently, let me fill you in.Β Everyone lost their minds over a semi decent short story in the New Yorker about a 20 something college girl having a questionable but short lived relationship.

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Long story short, people got upset, people had opinions, and honestly, there are SO MANY better short stories out there that you can read instead of this one. Here are my recommendations of short story anthologies that you can read instead of bothering with that one.Β πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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