Monthly Roundup ↪ Sept✈

Spent most of this month spending time with family and friends, and moving out of my flat in London…!!! A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS…….

(pls laugh at my bad pun.)

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Monthly Roundup ↪ July👌

So this is late and I know that. BUT I HAVE SOME VERY GOOD EXCUSES!!!

  1. I was packing a lot and doing last minute things because my flight to the UK was first on the 31st of July and then moved to the 3rd of August.
  2. I got sick almost as soon as I landed in London.
  3. My phone got stolen on like my 6th day in the city while I was looking at flats.
  4. Now it’s the 2nd week of August and I went to the Nine Worlds convention.


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