Late Jan/Early Feb Haul [Book Haul]

Well this is quite the belated post… But I thought I’d do it all the same.

I keep buying books here and there EVEN when I said I wouldn’t and would stick to the library since I still have SOOOO many books at home yet to read…. siGh…

Guess I amΒ thatΒ b*tch.

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Gnossem Nights Ft. Amanda Lee Koe + Kirsten Tan [IRL Adventures]

A while back I went to a little Q & A night with Amanda Lee Koe, whoΒ is one of my favourite local authors. I had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being a lot of fun because the filmmaker, Kirsten Tan, who is also a good friend of Amanda’s, was the other half of the panel.


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‘Pulp: ‘ Book Launch at Books Actually [IRL Adventures]

On the 19th of May I went to the book launch ofΒ Pulp: A Short History of the Banished BookΒ by Shubigi Rao at Books Actually here in Singapore.

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… aΒ ten-year long film, book, visual art, and exhaustive research project about the history of book destruction, censorship and cultural genocide, as well as the book as symbol and resistance. Travelling and filming solo across the world, collecting fragments, ephemera, anecdotes, and buried secrets, she visits public and private collections, libraries and archives, institutions and individuals that have served as flashpoints in history.

This is the first book in a series of five, and as such holds the undiluted joy of loving books, and furious anger and sorrow at their destruction.

β€œIf our history is anything to go by, all books are predestined ashes, whether burning, flying like confetti at a fascist parade, or pulped, dissolved, rendered into nothing more than fragments, scraps of phrases in the living memory of its ageing readers. This book (like all books) is about what it means to be human and build fictions, and also how human it is to burn them.” [x]

Shubigi didn’t really talk a lot, I WISHED SHE DID!! I wanted to hear her talk more about books as a whole and the written and printed word and whatever she was thinking to be honest. But I did take some notes!!

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Qita in the Park : Book Swap Cafe [IRL Adventures]

For the last month or so I’ve been working as a temp/intern at the national newspaper here in Singapore (The Straits Times) as a Photojournalist. It has been way more hectic than I anticipated BUT I am enjoying it all the same!!

Anyway, I have been lucky enough to shoot several book related jobs and stories and I thought I’d feature them here!


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Otto Fong and Sir Fong : Science Comics [IRL Adventures]

As all three of you dear readers (or not, maybe I’m just yelling into the void that is cyberspace…) may or may not know, I have been working at The Straits Times, which is the national newspaper here in Singapore, as a temp/intern Photojournalist.

I’ve been able to shoot at least two book related jobs and as a result I thought it would be a good idea to feature them here!! Especially since they are both what I would call, “Local Loves”.

Otto Fong & Sir Fong

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The Ayam Curtain [Local Loves]

For my inaugural post on this here blog, I’m going to recommend a book that has earned a special place in my heart for certain reasons.

At the start of 2014, I was not in a good place. I had not taken care of myself and as a result, it was decided that redoing my final year at uni would be the best course of action. I was soon diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety, which made sense as to why it felt like my entire life came to a screeching halt and all the colours had washed out.

All the things that used to be enjoyable for me, became things that I could no longer bring myself to do, and even if I did, it was a chore and no longer brought me any joy.

This included reading. I’ve always been a reader, and even if I’m not balancing several books at once, I am still reading SOMETHING.

Because you see, the thing with depression isn’t that you’re always sad, it’s often that you just do not have enough energy to do things. The things you have to do, the things you want to do,Β needΒ to do.Β So not being able to resort to an activity that was guaranteed to make me feel better, was a massive sucker punch to say the least.

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